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At Knotical Marine Lines we stand behind every product we make!

Our hand crafted marine lines are manufactured from 100% American made nylon rope with optional Galvanized and Stainless Steel Hardware which is the best quality you can buy!
Mooring Line Mooring Diagram

Breaking News!      The New EZ-Moor™ Line is now available!

Premium Mooring Lines: Our mooring lines are built locally and professionally hand spliced in our facilities.

The splicing process for the mooring lines involves a five tuck, flat lay assembly over hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel thimbles and is heat sealed to prevent unwinding with minimal stress on the splice.

Lines include a stainless steel bow eye snap for superior corrosion resistance and performance. Hardware opxions range from stainless steel swivel snaps to various connections appropriate for the application.

Knotical Marine Line Construction:

One of the most important building blocks of any mooring line is the fiber. We utilize U.S. manufacturers for our “PREMIUM LINE” three strand nylon, spun from domestic fibers and of four stage balanced construction, a stabilization process treatment with a proprietary “Marine Tech” coating to improve wet strength and enhance fiber to fiber abrasion resistance. The four stage process involves steaming to heat and preshrink the fibers during the spinning of the different size yarns that graduate into the finished product. This helps to minimize shrinkage and hardening of the rope and will inherently provide high strength with stretch for shock absorpxion and resistance to UV Rays. The finished product is identified with colored tracers unique to the rope manufacturer and in accordance with their stringent quality control specifications.


Mooring lines from Knotical Marine come in custom lengths and rope diameter.

See our Custom Mooring Lines Worksheet for additional information.

Try our Custom Mooring Lines Worksheet Download.

Recommended line size and length will depend on a number of factors. Moorings in exposed waters, strong winds or tides may require larger or additional lines. Check line and hardware often for wear, chafe and secure shackle pin and snap.

Boat Length:               Up to 20'           21'– 26'          27'– 34'
Mooring Line Dia.:           1/2"                 5/8"               3/4"

Mooring Line

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