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At Knotical Marine Lines we stand behind every product we make!

Our hand crafted marine lines are manufactured from 100% American made nylon rope with optional Galvanized and Stainless Steel Hardware which is the best quality you can buy!
Mooring Bridle Pendants

Breaking News!      Bridle Pendants are available now!
Mooring Bridle Pendants: Knotical Mooring Bridle Pendants will now be available in sizes 1/2" and 5/8" X 8' long with other lengths available on request.

The Pendant Bridle is designed for the boater who has difficulty in attaching a Mooring Line Snap to the Bow Eye.

The lines are secured to the Bow Cleats, the same as a dock line.

Also some styles of sail boats have a single cleat or tie down, at the bow and will utilize this type of Bridle to secure to a mooring.

The Knotical Bridle Pendant provides double safety, by utilizing in the assembly, two independent Pendants, Heavy Duty Thimbles and a Pear Link for Shackle to mooring chain.

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